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The Best Kind Of Advertising….Free

As a company we spend a lot of time and money marketing ourselves to those who we want to buy what we have to sell. We build a great website, hire salespeople, advertise in magazines, and post our projects on social media sites all in the hope that those that we target will see our ads or talk to our representatives and decide to buy our products. All of these marketing efforts can be very costly but we often ask ourselves is there a better way. What we all like the best is advertising that doesn’t cost us anything. And for us that is word of mouth referrals from happy clients and the accolades that we receive from the local magazines that showcase our products. Yes it’s free but we still have to work very hard to achieve it. The men and women at Kirkwood Stair and Millwork take pride in each and every staircase, wood counter top, and millwork wood that leaves our shop. In fact we believe in their ability so much that we refer to them as craftsmen and not workers. It shows in everything they do and this is why we receive so many referrals and accolades from the press at no cost to us. Creating a work of art or a “thing of beauty” is something that we all can do. It starts with hard work and dedication to the craft that you love and that love will show in the awesome products that you create. It’s what we do every day and we wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Give this a try…..ask your customers if they would refer you to their friends and family. If you’re doing a great job or providing an excellent product you too can see what it is like to receive free marketing.

Sustainable or Green……whatever you want to call it Wood is the choice.

I was having a conversation with a group of homeowners the other day about the use of sustainable products in their homes. There was a lot of debate about what really makes a product sustainable, or green, so I asked the question….what is your definition of sustainable?

And as you can image I received a variety of answers. They then asked me what was my definition of sustainable and here is what I told them. “Sustainable is the practice of taking from the environment what you need for today but ensuring that it will be available for the generations that follow us”. When asked about an example of what I meant I used wood, and specifically wood counter tops, as a perfect example of sustainability. We walked through the process of harvesting a 20 year old tree to make an incredibly beautiful wood counter. I explained that at the same time that we harvest the tree we plant two trees in its place. Twenty years from now, and for the next generation, those two trees are ready to harvest and new trees can be planted in their place. And the cycle goes on and on always ensuring that there is wood available for generations to come.

Then I used the example of granite counter tops. And I explained that when you harvest granite there is now way to plant more granite for the next generations. In fact it could take mother earth 500,000 years to replace the granite that was just removed and then and there they understood what I meant by sustainable. There is no way to ensure that there that there will be granite available for future generations. It was one of those AH HA moments where you realize what it means to be sustainable. So if you are looking for a very sustainable counter top solution look no further than your favorite species of wood.

Your home will look better and you will feel better too.

Reaching New Heights

When the client asked Brian Berger, president of Kirkwood Stair and Millwork, to design a contemporary, “different” staircase for his space, Brian presented a standout sketch of this clever, slightly whimsical design. To modernize the existing concrete staircase, he began with a clean-lined structure and chose a Clear Northern White Maple and brushed aluminum for the balustrade. The juxtaposition of light-colored wood and bright, brushed aluminum produces a crisp design that perfectly complements its loft-like surroundings. Continue reading

National Hardwoods Magazine Feature Story

Attention To Detail Keeps Kirkwood Stair Ahead Of The Pack. With 111 years of history under its belt, Kirkwood Stair Company isn’t the kind of firm that rests on its laurels. In fact, the family-owned and operated company stays on the cutting edge by frequently upgrading its equipment and operations to reflect new trends and innovations. Most recently, this manufacturer acquired a C.R. Onsrud 5-axis CNC router with proprietary software that’s being used to engineer and mill complicated stair systems. Continue reading