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Why Wood?

Wood countertops bring incredible presence and balance to any space. All of our wood countertops are completely hand sanded, then protected and finished with Waterlox® tung oil to create a lasting, lustrous and food-prep safe surface. Discover why so many designers and homeowners are choosing the beauty and durability of natural wood countertops for kitchens, islands and bars.

Wood Countertop Advantages

Liquid Resistant

Liquid Resistant

Easy to Clean


A Living Finish

Unlike other hard surface finishes that would have to be replaced

Glassware Friendly

Glassware Friendly

Naturally smooth and soft

Food Prep Safe


Low VOC and non-toxic with Waterlox® tung oil

Lasting Beauty

Lasting Beauty

With rich grains, colors, and gorgeous natural aging

Easy to Repair

Easy to Maintain & Repair

Can be sanded and re-stained

Easy to Clean and Wipe

Easy to Clean

Can be protected with a variety of finishes


Cost Effective

Almost always less than granite countertops

 To see endless design options and styles and for more information on our wood countertops, download this PDF.


Renewable & Biodegradable

Renewable and Eco-Friendly

Wood is a replenishing, renewable resource unlike granite, which must be mined.