Double Hung Windows in St. Louis

What Are Double-Hung Windows?

Also commonly referred to as double sash windows, double-hung windows contain two operable sashes that slide up and down to open and close. Since both sashes can open, double-hung windows offer excellent ventilation. Rising warm air escapes through the top sash, while cool exterior air enters your home through the bottom sash for the utmost comfort. Kirkwood Stair has tailor-made double hung windows in St. Louis that perfectly complement your home.

Double-hung windows are an excellent choice for two-story homes, offering various styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. They can fit seamlessly into any style by providing a historic, classic, and timeless aesthetic. At Kirkwood Home Gallery, our team boasts over 80 years in the window and door industry, offering quality products from leading vendor partners. Schedule a consultation with our experts today!

Design the Perfect Windows With Our Double Hung Window Installers in St. Louis

Our St. Louis double hung window installers understand that every customer has a unique style. That’s why we offer various options to customize your double-hung windows, such as:

  • Aluminum-clad wood. Protect the beauty of your windows with extruded aluminum cladding—a weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and rigid exterior material. Extruded aluminum cladding combines appeal and performance with dozens of 10-year or 30-year exterior paint color options. Choose from wood species, factory stains, or paint finishes to complete your interior look, as the interior is real wood.
  • All-wood. We craft our custom double-hung wood windows from all-wood materials and provide lasting durability, architectural detail, and beauty, perfect for homeowners seeking timeless elegance and unique touch. Plus, choose from several wood species to create a distinctive look. Maintain your historic home’s character by installing all-wood windows with matching proportions and details.
  • Hybrid. Strength and resilience partner together to create the “hybrid” window material. Hybrid windows feature wood on the inside and fiberglass composite on the outside, combining materials for enhanced performance. You can mix and match materials to design a window that suits your home and budget.
  • Vinyl. Premium vinyl material comes in several shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to choose a high-quality and performance window.
Double-hung windows seen from the exterior of a historic home with gray siding - St. Louis double-hung window installers - Kirkwood Home Gallery
White framed double-hung windows as seen from the exterior of a newly built home

Choose from various wood species, including pine and mahogany. Enhance your home’s exterior appeal with numerous stain and paint options. Our double-hung windows can come in various paint colors. Whether you’re looking for a natural or bright look, we’ve got you covered.

Exterior Trim

Exterior window trim helps to define the architectural design. Kirkwood Home Gallery can implement three main types of double hung windows in St. Louis:

  • Sill nosing. Consider your exterior siding color, window architectural profile, and installation method when choosing sill nosing for optimal results. Sill nosing defines the bottom of a window unit and offers greater durability than wood. Your sill nosing will match the exterior finish color.
  • Brickmould. Frame the external view of your double-hung windows with brickmould, enhancing your home’s period style. The durable casing usually matches your exterior window material, but you can apply other colors for a unique contrast.
  • Aluminum Trim Coil. Commonly used in replacement projects, the aluminum trim coil is a customizable exterior trim solution. Bent and formed on-site, the trim coil comes in dozens of colors to match your new windows or provide contrast for that extra pop.

Insect Screens

We offer different types of insect screen mesh to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home through the windows. Double-hung windows receive exterior-mounted screens and come in varying levels of transparency: standard fiberglass, BetterView, and UltraView.

Glass Types

Double-hung windows allow significant amounts of natural light into your home. Consider more than just visibility; we provide energy-efficient glass options that maximize light while minimizing heating and cooling costs.

  • Double-pane Low-E. Double-pane Low-E (low emissivity) glass is suitable for most climates and reduces energy consumption year-round. It reflects heat inside during the winter months and blocks infrared heat energy outside during the summer.
  • Double-pane Low-E366. This upgraded coating blocks 95% of the sun’s UV rays. Ideal for west-facing windows with intense sun exposure, experience the next efficiency level for a modest additional cost.

Customize your energy-efficient glass even further with different styles and patterns. There’s a pattern for you, from glue chip to horizontal reeded.


Various hardware options control the sashes of your double-hung windows. We offer numerous styles to best suit your needs:

  • Sash lift handles. Lift handles swiftly move the window up and down. They are located at the bottom rail of the bottom sash to ease operation. Finish handles with satin, nickel, polished brass, matte black, and more to match your home’s unique style.
  • Sash locks. Sash locks are installed at the check rail (where the sashes meet) of a double-hung window. They secure the sash when closed and can contain various finishes to suit your interior style.
  • Tilt latches. Clean double-hung windows more easily and quickly with tilt latches. They are at the intersection of the check rail and stile (vertical edges) to enable the sash to tilt indoors. We even offer windows with integrated tilt latches built into the lock mechanism. With the push of a button or an extra lock turn, your sashes tilt in for cleaning without those unsightly latches on both sides.
  • Window opening control devices. These devices provide an extra release point, designed for families with small children or openings starting within 18” of the interior floor. They allow you to open your window slightly for ventilation while fully complying with code-mandated emergency egress.
  • Crank handles. Easily accessible for people with various abilities, crank handles are placed within reach and promote independent living.
  • Weights, chains, and pulleys. Renovating a historic home? Chains and pulleys maintain the historical appeal and allow the window unit to operate swiftly. In some historic renovation jobs, the existing window frame and weight assembly remain, and professionals replace the sashes.

Divided Lites and Glazing Beads

Add some character to your windows with custom-divided lites and glazing beads. Achieve the look of true divided lites by mounting them directly onto the interior and exterior of your double-hung window. We also offer grilles between the glass panes to portray the same grilled look but with easier cleaning.

Glazing beads help define your home’s interior style. Choose from profiles such as beveled, ovolo, or square to assist in holding the glass units within the sashes.

Interior Options

In addition to the ease of customization, double-hung windows provide many benefits to homeowners:

  • Low maintenance. Durable materials, exceptional wood stain or paint finishes, and ease of cleaning means your double-hung windows will last many years.
  • Home ventilation. The two sashes allow you to control your home’s airflow. Open both sashes to let cool air in and expel heat for maximum ventilation. For a bit of ventilation, keep one sash open.
  • Adaptable. Combining real wood on the inside and fiberglass composite on the outside, hybrid windows enhance performance with diverse materials.
  • Safety. Many protective options, such as window opening control devices and locks, promote safety for your family.
Double-hung windows seen from the interior of a home in white

Choose Kirkwood Home Gallery For Custom Double Hung Windows in St. Louis

The team of window experts at Kirkwood Home Gallery guides you through your project from beginning to end. Since 2005, customers have trusted us with renovations, new builds, and replacement projects, from initial selections to final installation and ongoing service. When you choose Kirkwood Home Gallery, you receive the highest quality products, environmentally-conscious techniques, and exceptional customer service.

We welcome you to visit our expansive showroom in Brentwood to view styles, finishes, glass types, materials, and more. Our team is here to help you answer all questions about double-hung windows. Schedule an on-site consultation for our custom double hung windows in St. Louis today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Double-Hung Windows

What’s the difference between single- and double-hung windows?

Single-hung windows have a single sash that slides up and down within the frame. On the other hand, double-hung windows have two separate sashes that slide up and down independently, allowing for improved control over ventilation in your home.

How do you clean double-hung windows?

Most modern double-hung windows tilt in for cleaning, using separate latches or an integrated mechanism inside the lock. This design makes for a relatively simple cleaning process. Use a mild detergent with warm water and wipe them down with a soft cloth. Then, use a soft brush or vacuum attachment to remove dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas gently. 

How do double-hung windows open?

Double-hung windows open by sliding the two sashes up or down, granting you control over airflow and ventilation. Our St. Louis double-hung window installers can help you determine the best option.

Are double-hung windows energy-rated?

Double-hung windows are energy-rated and can provide increased insulation and temperature control. Two of the most common options are double-pane Low-E and double-pane Low-E366. For even greater efficiency, we offer multiple double and triple-pane options with specialized coatings, depending on the application and goals of the project.

When should I upgrade to double-hung windows?

You should upgrade to double-hung windows if you’re looking for improved energy efficiency, temperature control, and boosted airflow.